Temple for North gods


First pagan temple in 1000 years  is being constructed in Reykjavik that will house a shrine for North gods Thor, Odin and Frigg. Temple has been under a construction already for ten years and is supposed to be finished 2016. 

Ancient religion is a part of Icelandic heritage.  Iceland was founded by pagan settlers in the 9th century and belief into North gods was the soul religion for the country for more than 100 years  until Christianity came to Iceland in the year 1000.  Some converted to Christianity but some experienced religious conflicts with northern European countries. Stories about adaptation of Christianity is well known in Iceland and is connected to some of the top tourist destinations such as Godafoss Waterfall and Thingvellir National park. 

Ancient belief returned in Iceland in 1970's and in a way was a starting point for the construction of the temple. The temple will serve as as a place for worship but it is not supposed to be a lively or organized celebration.  

Asatru gods have recently seen a surge in America thanks to Marvel’s blockbuster films but they are not recognised as religious in any way. Gods are viewed as mythical and symbolical. Most of the modern worshipers are not considering them as a living beings that are capable of flying down from a cloud. IT is a very gentle movement on how to be a good friend, good to your family and an honorable person