Possible volcano eruption in Vatnajökull glacier

Three years have passed since last volcano eruption in Iceland. In resent days there has been a lot intense earthquake swarm continues below Vatnajökull  glacier that indicate magma movement. But magma has not reached the surface under the glacier and so far it is quiet on this volcano watch.  

Bárðarbunga is an Icelandic subglacial stratovolcano located under the ice cap of Vatnajökull glacier. It is 2,009m high above sea level and it is the second highest mountain in Iceland. Bárðarbunga is Iceland's largest volcanic system, considered to be close to 200 kilometres long and up to 25 kilometres wide. 

The risk level has been put to orange which is the second highest. Next level is red which will indicate that eruption has started. Read more about it here

Follow a live feed from a webcam here