Longest ice tunnel in Europe

According to Visit West Iceland the tunnel being made in Langjökull, Iceland's second largest glacier will be completed in just few weeks and is scheduled for opening in June 2015 and will be opened for eight months each year. This 500 meters (1'640 feet) long tunnel will be the longest ice tunnel in Europe and among the biggest in the world. 

For visitors entertainment the tunnel will house restaurants, information and exhibitions and even and  a small chapel for wedding ceremonies. Visitors will be able to observe Ice sculptures which will be illuminated with special lights. In addition a big crevasse is located in the tunnel. At the entrance it is 5 meters long and is 200 to 300 meters deep. Tunnel going deep as 200 meters in to the glacier at depth of 30 meters will be circular. 

Lonely Planet has already named it one of the most exciting destinations in 2015.

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