Earthquakes in North of Iceland

Earthquakes from 1994-2000 in Iceland
Earthquakes from 1994-2000 in Iceland
Earthquakes have been getting Icelanders a little bit worried.

Earthquakes have been getting Icelanders la ittle bit worried. 

Although the Icelandic nation is used to earthquakes, people still think it is a little bit uncomfortable. 

In the north of Iceland near Grímsey Island we got thousands of earthquakes last week. The strongest earthquake measured over 5 a richter. The specialists don't know how long these earthquakes will last but while there is no danger coming from them, Icelanders stay calm and are kept safe in their homes.

Grímsey Island is located 40 km from the mainland of Iceland. Grímsey is the northernmost inhabited Icelandic territory; the islet of Kolbeinsey lies further north, but is uninhabited. The closest land is the island of Flatey, Skjálfandi, 39.4 kilometres (24.5 mi) to the south. The Arctic Circle runs through the island, while the entirety of mainland Iceland lies south of the Arctic Circle. There are steep cliffs everywhere except on the southern shoreline. Grímsey has an area of 5.3 square kilometres (2.0 sq mi), and a maximum elevation of 105 metres (344 ft).

Grímsey island small but beautiful.

On this Site you can see when and where the earthquakes are, as well as the magnitude.

Earthquake map

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