Discoveries of important historical sites

In Reykjavik there have been two unexpected discoveries of the biggest longhouse in Iceland and fully intact quay, that were buried under a parking lot.

 According to IceNews icelandic archaeologists have found the biggest Viking Age longhouse in Iceland and a fully intact old quay from the Reykjavik old harbor.

 Archaeologists knew that the discovery of the old quay was possible, but it took them a big suprise when they found it is fully intact. Also a very unexpected find was the 20 metre longhouse, when the archaeologists planned to find only a turf house remains.

All the findings will go to the National Museum and there have already been discussion about how to preserve the remains, so everyone can view them.

These discoveries were found in the place of a parking lot, so it lets icelanders wonder, how much else historical treasures are buried under their feet.