Bird Life In Iceland

The Icelandic spring is now shorter and the migrations span from southern Europe, Africa and all the way from South America for birds just like the Red-necked Phalarope, which spends the winter on the West coast of South America, and, who has to fly up to 10,000 km to Iceland in order to nest.

Birdwatching is on the rise in Iceland, as 330 bird species have their home here. At the moment, Iceland has roughly 70 bird species nesting.

The Mývatn area is one of the most important areas for birdwatchers to visit. There are currently about 16 different bird species nesting there – amongst these are also Common Snipes, Owls, and Falcons.

The birds are the main signs that spring is coming – when they flock to thousands from their winter break.

Birds have often been used by the most prominent poets of Iceland, and many well-known songs have been made which Icelanders have listened to over the years, and one is called "Lóan er komin"

Lóan er komin - The golden plover has arrived