Viking Giant, Herring Era Museum, Microbrewery Tour

  • Pickup at Akureyri port - Departure 30-40 min. after arrival of Cruise Ship.


We normally start all our tours for Cruise Ships 30-40 min. after arrival of the ship but earliest departure is at 08:00. We might have to start some tours earlier, depending on departure time of Cruise Ship.


  • Dalvík - the quality Folk Museum Hvoll
  • Siglufjörður - the Herring Era Museum, Iceland's largest maritime museum
  • Lunchstop at Café Rauðka by the marina
  • Héðinsfjörður, nearly 6 km long deserted northernmost fjord on the Tröllaskagi area
  • Kaldi micro brewery, tasting variation of beers

From Akureyri we drive to Dalvík, a small town outside Akureyri in Eyjafjörður fjord. There we stop at the Local Museum Hvoll. The museum's collection comprises thousands of items. The natural history collection contains a large number of Icelandic birds and mammals, the most popular of which is the polar bear. There are exhibits on a number of people from the district who became nationally famous, such as Jóhann Pétursson, known as "The Giant", and president Dr. Kristján Eldjárn, the third president of the Republic. One room at the museum is dedicated to the earthquake that struck Dalvik in 1934 (6.2 on the Richter scale).

From Dalvík we drive to Ólafsjörður, through Héðinsfjörður fjord and to Siglufjörður, a town of about 1,300 people, located in North Iceland. Siglufjörður is the northernmost town of the mainland. Along with its natural beauty, it is a cultural hub, with an award-winning Herring Era Museum, Folk Music Museum and the Folk Music Festival that attracts ever more travellers every year. By the middle of the 20th century Siglufjörður was one of the largest settlements in Iceland but when the herring disappeared, the population decreased. Rauðka has, in recent years, undergone extensive reconstruction of the marina in Siglufjörður, and has renovated three old fish processing houses that now house cafés, restaurants and galleries. A new 64 room hotel, in an old Norwegian style, has been built at the marina. You can just walk around, visit the museums or sit down at the restaurants down by the harbour.

From Siglufjörður we drive back to Héðinsfjörður a deserted fjord, surrounded by steep and impressive mountains. It also has a beautiful valley with good trout fishing in the Héðinsfjarðarvatn lake. The last farm of Héðinsfjörður, was abandoned in 1951. In the 20th Century, there were usually five inhabited farms in the fjord, as the vegetation in the region is rich and food could be obtained from land and sea. The winters were hard, however, the area saw many avalanches, and the fjord was also hard to reach, so none remain.

Our last stop will be Kaldi Brewery, a small local brewery, located in Árskógssandur, just outside of Akureyri. You’ll have a walk through the brewery, hear the story and get to taste variation of beers. One of the secrets behind the quality of the beer from Kaldi is the clean Icelandic water, that comes from a spring in the mountain SólarfjallSunny mountain, just above Árskógssandur.

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