River Rafting in Skagafjörður - Cruise Ships

  • Pickup at Akureyri port - Departure 30-40 min. after arrival of Cruise Ship.

We normally start all our tours for Cruise Ships 30-40 min. after arrival of the ship but earliest departure is at 08:00. We might have to start some tours earlier, depending on departure time of Cruise Ship.


  • Drive to Bakkaflöt in Skagafjörður (60 min)
  • River Rafting (180-240 min)
  • Refreshments at Bakkaflöt - Traditional Icelandic Meat Soup (30 mín)
  • Drive to Akureyri - Drop off at the port (60 min)
About the tour

From Akureyri we drive for about an hour, straigth to Bakkaflöt in the heart of Skagafjörður fjord, in the NorthWest part of Iceland. Bakkaflöt is a 30 year old family-run company that has years of experience in the field of tourism.

At Bakkaflöt we take you for an adventure on both the East and the West Glacial Rivers, a family River rafting tour that you will never forget.

These family river rafting trips aren´t only for families, they are for anyone who wants unlock Iceland’s wild natural beauty while riding through a majestic glacial canyon. The river rafting trips can be tailored to your wishes, you can bumble on down the river while taking in the amazing geographical landscape of the north Iceland and cascading waterfalls or get in a splashing match with your team and if you dare the guide!

During the trip you will stop at one of the many geothermal hot springs to enjoy the steam, warm up your fingers and toes and relax as your rafting guide makes some outbound style coco right by the river. For those who are brave and excited about getting closer to the mineral rich waters of the west glacial river there is also an option to do some cliff jumping.

After the rafting trip you will get sem refreshment, a traditional Icelandic lamb meet soup and you will have access to the hot tubs and the pool at Bakkaflöt.

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