Cruise ship day tour: Dynjandi waterfall

Dynjandi waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the Westfjords and is by far the jewel of the Westfjords - The most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, at least the most majestic waterfall you could see in Iceland.


About the tour

This tour starts in Ísafjörður and we head to the waterfall Dynjandi which is situated in Arnarfjörður fjord. The waterfalls have a cumulative height of 100m. Dynjandi is 30 meter wide at its highest point  and 60 meters at its lowest point. It is actually a series of waterfalls 7 in total.  At 1980 Dynjandi waterfall and its surrounding was declared a natural monument and is as such preserved. It is one of the most photographed sights in all of Iceland and you will have plenty of time do some creative photography.

There are plenty of beautiful sights on the way. Driving across and through the mountains is one of the best example of the harsh landscape in West Iceland. All from narrow passes across sharp mountains ridges; deep and beautiful fjords where the farmers and villages cuddle together on a narrow strip of land. In this tour we have plenty of photo stops along the way to make your trip unforgettable.