Reykjanes Peninsula Tour for Cruise Ships

Want to visit 10 natural attractions in 5 hours? Are you looking for short tour experience with maximum sights? If so, this tour is great for you.

About the tour
In this tour you will see the 10 most important attractions in the Reykjanes Peninsula in only 5 hours. This tour allows you to admire the many natural and geological sites in Reykjanes Peninsula, it´s also an opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage and economic background.

  • Hallgrímskirkja, a national monument
  • Bessastaðir presidential house
  • Viking village in Hafnarfjörður
  • Lake Kleifarvatn
  • Seltún geothermal area
  • Grindavík fishing village
  • Blue Lagoon visit
  • Gunnuhver hot spring
  • Reykjanesviti, Oldest lighthouse in Iceland
  • The bridge between continents
After our pick up in the morning, we start by driving to Hallgrímskirkja. Second stop is Bessastaðir, the official residence of of the President of Iceland.
From Bessastaðir we drive to Hafnarfjörður and visit The Viking Village, a replica that was created for a film that was never shot and is now open to visitors.
From Hafnarfjörður we drive further out to The Reykjanes Peninsula. The peninsula, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, is well suited to be a Geopark as it is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level.
Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula, located in the centre of the Peninsula. The lake is about 10 km² and is the third largest lake of southern Iceland.
At Seltún Geothermal Area you will see both solfataras and fumaroles, aka; bubbling mud pools and steaming hot springs. The colours in this area range from different nuances of red, grey, brown, silver, blu, and yellow to white - all in one area! - with steam rising up in the air, adding to the mystery of this place.
We take a lunch brake at Grindavík, a family-oriented village, wich is one of the nation's strongest fishing industry townships, and home to well-established processing plants and a large fleet of fishing ships. Grindavík alone provides more than 40% of Iceland’s salt fish production with one of the most active harbours in the country.
We visit The Blue Lagoon and from there we drive to Gunnuhver, an impressive and colourful geothermal field of various mud pools and fumaroles. The tale of Gunnuhver is an example of classic Icelandic folklore, tying together the harshness of life on the island, ghosts, curses and the saving power of Christianity.
Reykjanesviti, the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, located on the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula is our next stop and from there we take a tour right to the toe of the peninsula.
Finally we drive to The Bridge between Continents, Europe and North America. The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge, 15 meter (50 ft), over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America.