Cruise Ship Day Tours


If you travel to Iceland with a cruise ship don't miss the opportunity to explore the unspoiled beauty of the country by going on a day tour to some of the most spectacular places on the planet. 

FAB Travel and  it´s sister company, IG Tours are companies that have specialized in providing the best service for travelers coming to the country by cruise ships. We focus not just on offering tours. We aim at having our guests witness and experience Iceland. We strive to have our guests enjoy our beloved country and to have them bring back pleasant memories from their visit. We always do our best, even if no one is looking. 

We keep track of all cruise ships dockings in Iceland and have therefore designed special day tours from Akureyri, and Reykjavik hat give our guests enough time to enjoy at each site, and to get you back right on time for boarding the ship. To avoid any confusion with boarding our buses we are always waiting for our guests right by where they disembark from the cruise ship at the harbor.

All the tours start about 40 minutes after the ship arrives giving you enough time to locate our buses. We are easy to spot, just look for a bus with the sign "Free as a Bird" or "Iceland Guided Tours" or a person wearing clothes with the same text and company logos. 

We focus on personalized service and the tours are organized in smaller groups with mini buses for 8 to 20 persons and coaches for 20 to 48 persons. For an offer for larger groups than 10 persons or if you would like to arrange a private tour, please contact us by e-mail. 


 If ship doesn't dock due to bad weather or Sickness on board then the tour will be refunded fully.

After booking a tour you will receive an e-mail with further information.

Day tours include stop for lunch but meals are not included in the price.

If you prefer to pay upon arrival please contact us by e-mail:

We accept payments with VISA / Master Card and also USD / GBP / EUR.

If you have any questions concerning your tour or you would like to go on a private tour please don't hesitate to contact us:

Pick up between 08:30 - 09:00 at the port by the Service house.

If the ship comes later then tour starts 40 minutes after the arrival.